Why choose Brad?

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Why choose Brad?
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What you get: a senior level marketing expert who is battle tested and ready to help you.

A peep into daily life of Bradley

Qualities you will find in Bradley are :

What you get:

  • World class marketing experience with world class brands
  • A Good listener
  • Engaging
  • Knows how to traverse scale
  • Passion is marketing and branding
  • Wonderful collaborator
  • Ability to motivate all stakeholders
  • Integrity
  • Genuinely wants people and organizations to succeed

Senior Global Marketing Executive

Insightful long-term visionary and tactical short-term planner with extensive history of penetrating new markets, conceptualizing new products, and driving brand growth beyond goal. Battle-tested executive and quick decision maker with global perspective, analytical mind set and proven ability to traverse scale during accelerated and downsizing business cycles. Inspiring, well-respected leader with track record for developing world-class talent and forming collaborative teams. Powerful change agent with pulse on consumer trends and hands-on approach to executing solutions that maximize sales, profits and share performance within stringent time/budget parameters.

About us

brandCMO is a website created by Bradley W. Baker for the sole purpose of demonstrating marketing excellence.  If you wish to converse with Mr. Baker, please contact him through the information listed in Contact Us.

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