While at Gillette, the Oral-B brand was suffering from lack of innovations in a very competitive product category.

The brand faced off against the heavy weights of the customer products: P&G, Unilever, Colgate, GlaxoSmithKline. As a result, the once category leading brand was suffering loss of share to other competitors.Mind you, the Gillette Oral Care Division’s only business was toothbrushes. Nothing else. So focus wasn’t an issue. But having the right new product strategy was.


Brad was selected by the company CEO to head up a new product development speed team that would get the brand back on the innovation map and stem the share loss. A team of 12 members were formed from across all disciplines of the company and set a 9 month time period to develop the next ‘breakthrough’ product. Led by Brad, the Team first worked on process, or how the team would function. Then the Team put a stake in the ground create the most superior cleaning toothbrush rivaling the benefits of brushes and floss with just a single product.

how to invigorate a brand

How to invigorate a brand?

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brand marketing on Oral - B by Bradley

The result: A paradigm shifting new product

  1. Product designed in 9 months
  2. Clinically proven superior to all other toothbrushes
  3. 27 patents thus bullet proofing the product from competitive ‘rip off’
  4. Brand name (Oral-B Cross Action toothbrush)
  5. Innovative package design
  6. Other design elements that were discovered and not used were incorporated in other subsequent products
  7. $70mm capital approved by Gillette Board of Directors 8. New premium price point (world’s first $5 toothbrush)
  8. World class media coverage
    1. Wall Street Journal font page
    2. Highlighted by Fox News Cavuto & Company
    3. Multiple other media coverage worldwide
  9. Product launched and garnered the #1 share position within the first 18 months

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