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Thursday, 09 January 2014 08:02

The Race for Streaming Music Is On

The Race for Streaming Music Is On

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In a seemingly benign product category, streaming music is becoming more and more competitive with a winner yet to be declared. Recently, Spotify took a leap ahead by securing the rights to stream the entire Led Zeppelin catalog, something no other service can boast at this point, not even the vaunted Apple iTunes store (yes, you can buy tracks/albums but no streaming). Additionally, Spotify (out of Sweden) is releasing its 20 million song library free to mobile users, which was formerly available only to paying customers. No doubt this is a response to iTunes newly minted streaming service, iTunes Radio.

iTunes radio and Pandora are clearly meant to link listening to purchasing, which is easily done if you use their service (which is free but limited to a pre-selected songs as opposed to choosing your playlist on Spotify and Rhapsody). While the streaming itself it excellent, its capabilities compared to the competition are limited.

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Tuesday, 02 April 2013 15:02

Sheer Madness - Lululemon

Sheer Madness - LululemonSheer madness Lululemon

So just how sheer is sheer? Apparently, it’s enough to have a product recall, the classic manufacture’s nightmare. Result: embarrassment, tarnished brand and cash spent replacing inventory. Really? Think the brand will suffer? I think not. Not even close.

I maintain that, while expensive for the company to recall product, this will not negatively affect the brand. Why? Consider the following points:

  1. There’s no one else that competes with them in this space. That always helps.
  1. It’s a relatively young brand experiencing massive growth while trying to rein in quality control. They misfired but will be forgiven by their loyal following.
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Tuesday, 05 March 2013 18:32

The Boston Globe: Now What?

The Boston Globe: Now What?

the boston globe

Just last week, the parent company of the Boston Globe, which happens to be the New York Times, announced that they’re selling the Globe.  The NYT has been struggling themselves but found a backer/financier who has provided them with capital while they pull together their strategy of managing their traditional media form (the daily newspaper) while crafting a digital strategy that works (code for earning a profit). Holding of the Boston Globe became a drag in terms of time, money and resources.

So now, this Boston based dinosaur is on the market hopefully to be bought by someone savvy enough to know that the Globe does have a brand equity in the local market, albeit one that doesn’t stand for

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Truth in Advertising Subway Done In By Social Media

Subway done in by social media- truth in advertising 

When you're not exacting in the way you're marketing your brand, social media will call you on the carpet fast.  This just happened on Tuesday (1/15) and two days later (1/17) I am writing about this due to the negative PR being generated.

What you see in the adjacent picture is a photo of a Foot Long Subway sandwich in Perth, Australia and measured by the customer who purchased it.  As you can see, it fell short of what they advertised and in a nanosecond, the customer posted it on the company's website asking for a response.  In rapid fire response, Subway took the photo and post off their site but before they could, a cadre of consumers copied and re-posted the photo causing an avalanche of bad press that is just reaching its crescendo today.

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Friday, 29 June 2012 03:02

2012 Presidential Election

U. S. Presidential Election 2012: The Ultimate Branding Exercise

Believe or not, the U.S. is about to go into the final 18 weeks of the 2012 Presidential Election. Just a little over 4 months from now. And the way I see it, it’s the ultimate marketing exercise: get your product positioned (the candidate), build awareness and get your product sold (elected)! The marketing mavens for the campaigns are busy monitoring poll numbers, looking at the U.S. map of red and blue states and honing in on key battleground geographies where the election is likely to be won or lost.

Their task is twofold:

1. Make sure they don’t loose favorability in those states where a comfortable lead exits.

2. Establish a solid game plan for winning those states that are ‘up for grabs’. This is where the undecided independents will swing the election one way or the other.

I believe that the positioning for each product (candidate) is pretty clear as they move into the summer. Romney is a free market driven candidate while Obama favors more government involvement in the markets. The positioning work has been going on for some time and there’s probably not much they can do to change the perception, at this point. But in the truncated time left, one caveat is that anything can happen and probably will. Someone once told me, always be prepared for the unpredictable. Look at what happened in 2008.

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