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Friday, 17 October 2014 21:30

I Killed My Android

I Killed My Android


My 15 month experiment with Android is over. It began so promising only to sour in the end.

I purchased the original iPhone in 2007 which I used primarily for work. I knew then that we were looking at the future of the mobile device which ultimately proved to be true. Today, almost all mobile phones have iPhone-like user friendly screens and software that can accomplish most of what your laptop can. And 2007 was when most companies wouldn’t support Outlook e-mail on the device, so I endured a clumsy work-around. Nevertheless, the phone was like purchasing your first car, opening up a new world of freedom and excitement.

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HTC is fighting for its life with new ONE smartphoneThe Taipei based HTC Corporation is now fighting for life in the smartphone category. It originally started out as a third party smartphone manufacture but began launching phones under it’s own brand in 2006. Initially successful, they lost their way through a series of missteps including launching too many products and confusing consumers. As a result, it never carved out any brand equity with consumers. In fact, I wonder if there’s any significant awareness is of the brand.

In an attempt to revive the company, they launched the HTC One this year. An Android based smartphone boasting impressive specifications, including a 4.7” screen (are you listening Apple?), the phone has received many accolades from the like of Walt Mossberg (Wall Street Journal digital guru) and the like.

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New products are the lifeblood of all companies.

Except in very rare cases, new products serve to:

Brand CMO the branding experience for new products the life blood for all companies

  1. improve consumers lives and/or enterprise productivity
  2. create jobs (is someone in our government paying attention!)
  3. create incremental sales and profits and ergo capital for future innovation
  4. invigorate and energize product categories
  5. increases competition
  6. elevate brands in the minds of consumers

The above list is not meant to be comprehensive as I'm sure there are other positive effects resulting from new products. But the above captures the essence of it. And as a marketer, of all the activities that I engage in, new product development is undoubtedly my favorite aspect of the discipline. You are creating the future for your customers and the company. While the marketing professional (CMO) has to be very skilled in all aspects of the marketing mix, the value and comprehension of what new products brings to organizations

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