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Thursday, 09 January 2014 08:02

The Race for Streaming Music Is On

The Race for Streaming Music Is On

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In a seemingly benign product category, streaming music is becoming more and more competitive with a winner yet to be declared. Recently, Spotify took a leap ahead by securing the rights to stream the entire Led Zeppelin catalog, something no other service can boast at this point, not even the vaunted Apple iTunes store (yes, you can buy tracks/albums but no streaming). Additionally, Spotify (out of Sweden) is releasing itís 20 million song library free to mobile users, which was formerly available only to paying customers. No doubt this is a response to iTunes newly minted streaming service, iTunes Radio.

iTunes radio and Pandora are clearly meant to link listening to purchasing, which is easily done if you use their service (which is free but limited to a pre-selected songs as opposed to choosing your playlist on Spotify and Rhapsody). While the streaming itself it excellent, itís capabilities compared to the competition are limited.

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New products are the lifeblood of all companies.

Except in very rare cases, new products serve to:

Brand CMO the branding experience for new products the life blood for all companies

  1. improve consumers lives and/or enterprise productivity
  2. create jobs (is someone in our government paying attention!)
  3. create incremental sales and profits and ergo capital for future innovation
  4. invigorate and energize product categories
  5. increases competition
  6. elevate brands in the minds of consumers

The above list is not meant to be comprehensive as I'm sure there are other positive effects resulting from new products. But the above captures the essence of it. And as a marketer, of all the activities that I engage in, new product development is undoubtedly my favorite aspect of the discipline. You are creating the future for your customers and the company. While the marketing professional (CMO) has to be very skilled in all aspects of the marketing mix, the value and comprehension of what new products brings to organizations

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