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Rickie Who? - Celebrities in Branding

Rickie Who? - Celebrities in Branding

During the past couple of years, Cobra Golf (division of Titleist) and Puma have used young, stylish, hip golfer Rickie Fowler to propel the brands . Rickie brings a skateboarder mentality and image to a sport that sometimes is stuck in the past. His flat brimmed hats and bright colored clothing set him apart from the rest of the pack of pro golfers. Never mind that he’s only won one tournament. Whenever he’s in the field, the TV cameras manage to capture him because his image is interesting, fun and refreshing. He also has a clean and non-controversial personality. Clearly, Puma shoes and Cobra golf have benefitted from his young, clean and hip image. Plus he’s a good communicator and he knows how to manage the digital media side with his web page, tweets, etc.

Marketers know there’s a benefit for associating the brand with a celebrity who can create a big impact. Look at the denim category with the amount of blogs identifying who is wearing what brand. Brand conscious buyers flock to the internet to see these postings and, in some way, store these little bits of information and use them later as part of the purchase decision process. In fact, the use of celebrities show up in more than 15% of all U.S. advertising according to Millward Brown.

I’ve been involved in businesses using celebrities and in consumer research studies, consumers ratings of celebrity impact on purchase decisions can range from minimal to the absolute reason for buying. Some studies have shown that the use of a highly recognized image can increase sales by as much as 20%.

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Friday, 06 July 2012 22:51

You Need to Read This Book!!

The Coming Jobs War by Jim Clifton

You NEED to read this Book!

I just read a fascinating book that someone recommended to me which, after completing, I can say is must read for everyone who’s concerned about America’s future. I know this is a little off topic but it transcends marketing and crosses into that vaunted place called the future. The name of the book is “The Coming Jobs War” by Jim Clifton. Clifton is the CEO of the Gallup and has the facts to back up his assertions.

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