I Killed My Android

by Bradley Baker
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I Killed My Android


My 15 month experiment with Android is over. It began so promising only to sour in the end.

I purchased the original iPhone in 2007 which I used primarily for work. I knew then that we were looking at the future of the mobile device which ultimately proved to be true. Today, almost all mobile phones have iPhone-like user friendly screens and software that can accomplish most of what your laptop can. And 2007 was when most companies wouldn’t support Outlook e-mail on the device, so I endured a clumsy work-around. Nevertheless, the phone was like purchasing your first car, opening up a new world of freedom and excitement.

Fast forward to the summer of 2013. Like a jilted lover, I was fed up with Apple’s insistence on the small screens and closed architecture. And, as a marketer I wanted to experience the world’s most used mobile phone operating system. So I ventured out of the playground into the world of Android with a Samsung Galaxy 4S. The phone had a beautiful 5” screen, a back that allowed for easy battery replacement and customizable screens. Plus, Google Now seemed to know if my flight was on-time and what terminal and gate I was to go to, when my ASU Sun Devils or Boston Red Sox were playing next or when that shirt I ordered from J. Crew was being delivered. It’s like a little person inside your phone deciphering and telling you information you need at that moment.

However, my first problem occurred when allowing Google Now access to my apps drained the battery in record time. After calling AT&T and Samsung, we finally figured out I had to restrict it. Now I was driving on three tires.

Then for some unexplained reason, the phone began to miss-fire and not allow me to make or receive calls. I called AT&T and Samsung. Sorry, two months out of warranty so you just have to send it in for repairs and we’ll see what we can do. Now I couldn’t even drive my car down the street and would be without one for some unspecified period of time. Are you kidding me? No loaner program? I love Samsung’s definition of customer service: Everything would be OK if we didn’t have these damn customers!

With an untenable situation, I came back to the iPhone with the newly launched 6 Plus! While it was informative and interesting to know what Android is all about, for 15 months I did feel like I was not part of the fraternity given the amount of iPhones in this country. And yes, it’s true, Apple may not be at the heart of innovation anymore but their hardware and software is so elegant and intuitive, it makes Android feel like a Pontiac next to a Ferrari.

Back home. For now.

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Bradley Baker

Bradley Baker

Bradley Baker is a senior level global marketing expert whose specialties include rapid new product development, transition from traditional to digital media, profit optimization and other marketing needs.  Please use the contact information to reach Mr. Baker and inquire about his services.

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