Apple: Now What?

by Bradley Baker
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Apple: Now What?

 Apple new design

Ok, we all waited for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT from Apple several weeks ago to see what they were bringing from on high. I hate to break the news to you but the pace of innovation is slowing down.  Unfortunately, Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs. And JonyIve, as creative as he is in understanding product design and how the consumer interacts with it, is not going to press the company to go beyond it’s evolutionary path of innovation, which was once revolutionary.

It’s all turning into a bit of a disappointment if you’re a student of marketing and design and how Apple was admired as being in the pantheon of cutting edge products designed for the rest of us.  They created the intersection of ‘hip’ and technology and forced others to follow. Of course, they went through growing pains once the original Mac was launched and the John Sculley era began and passed. But Steve Jobs first created the company and then later brought the company back from extinction and created two more categories for the company: music (iPod and iTunes) and mobile phones (iPhone).  They’ve been on a roll since the late 1990’s but we’re all beginning to wonder where it will go from here.

Yes, there are some techno nerds that are extolling the virtues of the new 64 bit processor of the new iPhone 5s but that’s viewing it from a narrow lens. Yes, they’re still on backorder as I write this but that probably has a lot to do with the gold version, believe or not. You can get any other color but the gold. Charles Revson (founder of Revlon) once said “give them gold’.  Once the dust settles, the question will be with what is Apple left? The software change is a definite step forward but in reality, it’s really just catching up to Android. The 5C iPhone is a bomb and a mere 4 weeks after the introduction, they’re already discounting it in some markets.

Look, in a world of mediocrity, Apple is admired for their design, both in the hardware and software. It really does ‘just work’. But the pace of innovation is getting slowing and I just can’t see them breaking out of it. I’m not predicting the demise of the company as that would be ridiculous. But they do appear to be finding a pace more towards normality.

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Bradley Baker

Bradley Baker

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